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Wild Flower Gemstone Necklace

Wild Flower Gemstone Necklace

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The Wild Flower Gemstone Necklace, created by the artist Alexandra Druzhinin in London, draws inspiration from expansive blooming fields. The pendant, resembling a blossoming flower, is crafted using an array of lively natural semi-precious gemstones suspended on a strand of opulent Japanese pressed pearls of exceptional quality. Within the design, a circular, vibrant green-blue turquoise stone is encased by a border of imitation pearls, accompanied by a small Swarovski butterfly in pink. The pendant's appeal is further enriched by an assortment of rounded, oval, and teardrop-shaped crystals in various colours, lending diversity and dimension to the piece. Unrefined amethyst nuggets form radiant petals that add a textured element to the pendant's overall composition.


Drop length approx 13-15 cm
Pendant 7cm x 6.5cm


Raw amethysts
Natural turquoise
Swarovski crystals
Pressed pearls
Faux pearls


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