I love clothes and have a massive wardrobe. I'm always on the lookout for unusual pieces, and I don't normally struggle with my style. However, after years of relying on my own taste and feeling overwhelmed by the volume of clothes, I decided I needed a professional to help me streamline my closet, create a seasonal capsule wardrobe, and finally say goodbye to clothes that no longer fit me or are out of fashion.

Alexandra was exactly what I needed. We had a 4-hour Zoom session where we sorted all of my clothes into three piles: love and want to keep, no longer fit or don't love enough, and those I'm not sure about yet. During this process, I discovered a few pieces I didn't even remember buying, which still had tags on them!

Alexa helped me see my wardrobe in a new light. She showed me how to combine clothes in new ways, accessorise existing outfits to make them current, and downsize my unmanageable wardrobe into a smaller, easy-to-navigate one. I no longer feel overwhelmed by my wardrobe and feel like a new me. I absolutely recommend Alexandra to anyone who finds themselves unable to manage their closet or who wants to feel renewed.



I am a busy entrepreneur, and as such, some parts of my life are very organised while others are not. My wardrobe was one of the areas that was not organised, and it was causing me a lot of anxiety. I didn't think there was a way to tame it, as I have many different types of clothes to fit my diverse lifestyle. I have everything from gym clothes to suits to tuxedos. Alexandra took care of everything! She helped me choose the clothes that I love, get rid of the clothes that I don't care for, and suggested and helped me install clever storage and organisation solutions to finally tame my eclectic wardrobe. 



I have had an intention to sort my walk-in wardrobe for years! I wanted it to look more tidy as the shelves are always on display, but more importantly, I wanted to sort the stuff that I am wearing from what I have not worn for ages and will probably never wear but still hang on to because it is lost in the huge piles of clothing.

The thought of doing it always made me depressed but was always on the to-do list. That is why Alexandra’s services were really God-sent!She managed to transform my wardrobe in five hours from a depressing mess into a cool oasis of order, logic and calm.

The best thing about this service was not just putting things in neat piles and colour-coding them, but actually rationalising and sorting clothes into logical categories so that they can be easily found and used. And of course, the stylistic suggestions of how to create and accessorise outfits were a huge bonus!

I had a five-hour wardrobe declutter session with Alexandra today and I can't wait to have the rest of my huge walk-in closet organised in the same way, and would highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to introduce the order, simplicity and joy into their daily dressing and their life!


I never thought I needed a wardrobe stylist! I am addicted to white shirts and own over 200 of them. I was feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of shirts in my closet and didn't know what to do with them. I was also not sure what type of shirt was most suitable for me or how to care for them properly, so I just kept buying new ones.

On a friend's recommendation, I decided to hire Alexandra as my wardrobe stylist. She was amazing! She helped me go through all of my shirts and get rid of the ones that didn't fit me well or that I didn't like. She also helped me find new shirts that were more flattering and that I would actually wear.

Alexandra also taught me how to care for my clothes properly so that they would last longer she also gave me some tips on how to store them so that they would stay in good condition. I am so grateful for her help, and I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a wardrobe stylist.



Alexandra did not just sort out my wardrobe (which she did beautifully), but totally re-invented my look and combined my existing clothes in a completely different way, something I could never do myself. You hear a lot about styling consultants, but Alexandra offers something unique, she sort out and arranges your clothes in a way that makes it easy to mix and match your existing pieces, without having to invest into anything new or expensive. It's like magic, you end up with much fewer clothes, a much neater wardrobe space, but actually you have much more to wear! The whole process took about 4-5 hours. Alexandra painstakingly went through all my clothes and sent some of them for an exile (to be reviewed in 6 months, when I can decide if I missed any of them) and the others to charity shops. The best thing was that she created a series of total looks - from head to toe, including bags, shoes and other accessories. She took photos of each look and sent them over to me, so I can print them out and stick them to the wardrobe door for inspiration when I dress in the morning. Alexandra is very knowledgeable and passionate about fashion, but not at all obsessed with designer brands.



My very cluttered large wardrobe was magically transformed into an elegant and tidy space in just over 4 hours. Alexandra gently directed my choices, leaving only pieces and colours that suited me best. She created a few capsule looks, advised me on how to mix & match clothes for occasions and re-arranged my closet in the most beautiful manner. The morning after, I woke up with joyful anticipation of choosing my outfits for a new day. No more stress - just fun!