Appointment duration - 3 hours

The consultation will take place in your home. We'll begin with a 30-minute chat to get to know you, understand your lifestyle and your requirements.

Next, we'll delve into a detailed review of your wardrobe, sorting your clothes into:

  • those you love and want to keep
  • those you're not sure about
  • those you don't want to keep
To help decide which group an item of clothing belongs, I'll handpick various outfits so we can assess how they fit, the best styles and colours for your body type, and which clothes make you feel great. My aim is to leave you amazed at how fresh your wardrobe feels after pairing existing items into whole new outfits that work for your lifestyle; creating a smaller, low-maintenance, capsule wardrobe offering an effortless, chic look, on a daily basis.

It is important to understand that an ideal wardrobe is not an instantaneous process, but is achieved over a period of time so I'll be taking photos of the outfits we create so you have an electronic "lookbook" to refer to as you shop and add to your wardrobe in the future.

The "lookbook" is a fantastic foundation for a separate Personal Shopping appointment, that can be booked for a later date.

From: £450 for a 3 hour consultation at home or online.
Additional hours if required £125 per hour.

Please email on alexa@playroom-style.com or contact me on +447837849495