Alexandra Druzhinin is a London-based jewellery designer and personal stylist with a Master's degree from the London College of Fashion. She comes from a creative family, her mother being an artist and a jewellery designer. Alexandra was born in Moscow and has been residing in London for more than 30 years. Her passion for clothes and accessories was evident from her early childhood when she made elaborate jewellery out of wire, beads, and clay for her friends. As a teenager, she started wearing her outfits in a creative fashion, often drawing compliments on her impeccable style. Throughout her life, dressing up and helping people with their style became a great passion, landing Alexandra in numerous street-style blogs, magazines, and publications and eventually leading her up to a career as a personal stylist.

She finds personal styling particularly rewarding because she can transform people's wardrobes and see how happy she can make them. She believes that styling can change lives.

Alexandra's work is inspired by her love of travel, art, architecture, photography, and fashion. She is passionate about the environment, and her work always incorporates eco-friendly, recycled/upcycled materials and innovative technologies that aim to reduce waste in her jewellery creations.

In her styling consultations, Alexandra always advises her clients on how to dress consciously by selecting quality materials, buying for longevity, possibly renting for special occasions, and owning less. Alexandra also enjoys working with clients to create personal styles that reflect their unique personalities.